Ambassador Jawad’s Interviews

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         Interviews in Russian translated to English:

  • Interview for Tatar-inform about the visit to Tatarstan:
    Interview for Tatar-inform 

  • Interview for TASS about plans to hold an inter-Afghan summit in Pakistan, about the danger of the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban and the readiness to acquire weapons from Russia:
    Interview for TASS

    Interviews in Russian:

  • Interview for RIA Novosti about when an agreement can be reached on the supply of the Sputnik V vaccine to Kabul, whether Afghanistan plans new purchases of Russian weapons, and what obstacles stand in the way of concluding a long-term peace in the country:
    Interview for RIA Novosti

  • Interview for Moskvich.Mag about the sincerity of Muscovites in their love and dislike and about the huge selection of restaurants in Moscow:
    Interview for Moskvich.Mag

    Interview in English and Farsi:

  • Ambassador Jawad discusses Kabul wedding massacre with Iran International TV
  • سفارت افغانستان در لندن آثار سرقت شده باستانی مربوط افغانستان را از موزیم ملی بریتانیا تسلیم شد
  • گفتگوی سید طیب جواد با خبرنگار بی بی سی فارسی در مورد کنفرانس اهالی مطبوعات افغانستان در لندن
  • Ambassador Jawad’s Interview with Khurshid TV Shahpoor Bakhtiar
  • مصاحبه سید طیب جواد سفیر افغانستان در لندن با تلویزیون بی بی سی فارسی – اکتوبر 2018
  • 4000 Year Old Silver Flask Returned to Afghanistan
  • 1st Afghanistan UK Business Conference London 17th September 2018  Ambassador Jawad’s interview with BBC Farsi.
  • د بي بي سي پښتو تلويزيون، نړۍ دا وخت، خپرونه کې هره يکشنبه/اتوار د “اقتصاد له نړۍ” اوونيزه خپرونه وي چې د سيمې او نړۍ د اقتصاد او سوداګرۍ راپورونه او خبرونه په کې خپروو.
  • Ambassador Jawad’s interview with Ariana News – Kabul
  • BBC Persian live coverage of the Embassy’s latest event “World Press Freedom Day”  30 April 2018. 
  • Ambassador Jawad’s interview with BBC Persian TV briefing the deadly attack in Kabul which killed dozens including nine journalists. 
  • Amb. Jawad’s Remarks at Dinner in Honour of Afghan-UK Military Partnership
  • گفتگوی کامل سید طیب جواد، سفیر جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان در بریتانیا با برنامه “به عبارت دیگر” تلویزیون بی بی سی فارسی.
  • Ambassador Jawad’s Interview with Voice of America 17/10/2017